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Rugged goods from the 54th parallel


Our Materials

We have an appreciation for age old natural materials that have proven to stand the test of time. The qualities of these natural materials such as leather and wool are hard to beat, making them an excellent choice for outdoor gear.

We use premium USA vegetable tanned full grain leather, to ensure the quality of your goods.

Wool has an incredible number of benefits. It is highly breathable, regulates temperature, wicks moisture, is odour resistant, is warm when wet, has a high heat to weight ratio, flame resistant, and is a natural material. It speaks for itself when it comes to use in the outdoors.


Our Process

At FiftyFourthNorth Supply, we pride ourselves on making high-quality leather outdoors gear that is built to last. All of our products are made by hand, with each piece being cut by hand and hand-stitched or machine-stitched for durability. We also take great care in finishing our products, adding small details that make a big difference. Our process ensures that each product that leaves our shop is of the highest quality and ready to withstand any adventure.


Hi, I'm Christina

Crafter and creator of FiftyFourthNorth Supply

I started dabbling with leather when I moved to Fraser Lake and was living off-grid practicing bushcraft. My first winter in that log cabin I invested in the bare minimum of tools and some scraps of leather. Once the sun went down, I would sit on the plywood floor next to the woodstove, and begin to learn with just the light from my head lamp to guide me.

I have since moved to Topley, where I am raising my 2 boys, learning to hunt and fish, and continuing my craft. FiftyFourthNorth Supply came to be when I started selling my goods through a local outdoor shop. What started as a rubbermaid tote filled with scraps and a few tools has grown into a little basement workshop and a small business I am proud to call my own.

The rugged wilderness and endless outdoor possibilities in the beautiful North inspire me and I hope to enhance the passions of those alike through my craft. Thanks for stopping by.

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