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CORE Bear Spray Holster
  • CORE Bear Spray Holster


    Keep your bear spray handy while out in the bush with a secure bear spray holster. With a belt loop that can accommodate waist belts or backpack straps you can carry your bear spray where it is easy to get at if or when you need it.


    Quick draw locking mechanism

    When putting your bear spray in the holster, cross the paracord strands over one another at the top of the holster and put your bear spray through the hole that it creates. The paracord should create and "X" in front and behind your bear spray. This is important to ensure your bear spray is secured properly.


    We have a demonstration reel on our Instagram if you need extra guidance.


    To release the bear spray, firmly grasped the paracord tie at the bottom of the holster in one hand and the leather tab at the front in the other hand. Yank upwards twice. Your bear spray should now be free to deploy.


    When you receive your holster, your bear spray may fit snuggly. This is to account for slight wear and stretch in the leather over time. The locking mechanism may also be a bit stiff. I recommend tightening and loosening the quick draw a few times before first use.

    • Specs

      -Carries 225g bear spray cans

      -Belt loop can fit belts or straps up to 2.5 inches wide.


      Full grain leather is a natural material. During the tanning process the outermost layer is left unbuffed and unaltered to preserve the strength of the leather. Due to this please expect slight variances between colour, markings, and material thickness. Colours also vary screen to screen. Measurements are approximate.

    Leather colour
    Stitch Colour