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HD Buttstock Wrap
  • HD Buttstock Wrap

    Our HD Buttstock Wraps are Heavy Duty. We make them custom, to the measurements of your stock. They are designed in a way that only leather and thread come in contact with your stock, as to not mar up your stock with time. Grommets on the lace holes add that extra bit of touch, and the lining extends completely around the bottom of your stock for that extra protection. Please see our Buttstock Size guide for sizing instructions.


    Once an order is placed you will receive an email confirming the custom measurements for your stock. Please take the time to read the instructions carefully and measure appropriately.


    *If you do not see your cartridge size available, please contact us directly

    Option for cheekriser coming soon.

    • Stock Measurements

      Please see size guide in pictures for more detailed information.

      Please format measurements as follows:






      Right (or left) handed shooter

      Measuring Instructions:

      Using painters tape (or other non-marking method), mark points A and B equal distances from the buttend (recommended to keep them within 1" of your buttend). Mark points C and D where you’d like your wrap to end. Marks should reside on the centreline of the spine and belly of the stock. Record measurements between the marks. Choose a point (E) on the line between A and B and record the measurement around the back of the buttend to the equivalent point on the opposite side (F). If you have a swivel stud, record the distance between A and S (S).


      Please email a photo of your stock to This is just to confirm the basic shape of your stock.


      **if you don’t see your ammo loop size listed, please contact us! What we have listed is what we have on hand for sizing, and will expand based on demand**

    Leather colour